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Cornelia Huetter, Marta Bassino, Mikaela Shiffrin, Kajsa Vickhoff Lie

    A good way to learn about something is to jump into it.

    I leapt into WAWC in December 2019.

    This site is an outsider’s (non-racing skier) view of women’s Alpine World Cup ski racing. My goal is to expand knowledge of and appreciation for the circuit—eventually as much via reader reaction/interaction as by my own content.

    If you're new to ski racing, search “2018 Olympics Women’s Super G” in YouTube; the complete Olympic Channel broadcast should be there. (1hr 54 mins) Watch to at least 1:15. You’ll get it. Though the Olympics are peripheral to World Cup competition, this is a brilliant race, well-produced and enthusiastically narrated. Most important, no one is injured. Watching it live sparked my desire to better understand these folks.

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